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Update on Nirali’s condition… ઓગસ્ટ 30, 2006

Posted by ઊર્મિ in અન્ય.

Read Nirali’s condition’s daily update here… http://savenirali.com/nirali/Main/NiraliUpdates

Read about upcoming drives here… http://savenirali.com/nirali/Main/UpcomingDrives 

Nirali’s daily condition is being updated often by their parents…  I was crying while reading how she is going through this day by day… struggling with her right of existance while she actually should be playing like a normal kid… God bless her! 

August 29. 2006

Nirali’s stomach discomfort continued somewhat after coming home on Wednesday – still not recovered totally. She had low grade fever since Thursday onwards which concerned the doctor so we were in ER on Sunday evening. They have changed antibiotic one more time to see it helps with fever. They have also taken out her PICC line ( used to deliver chemotherapy, antibiotics, IV fluids) thinking that may have gotten infected and could be the cause of fever. Her food intake is still quite low which is a concern but we are really hoping she feels better and enjoys this week at home before her next round of Chemo starts on Friday. She also needs another PICC line put in for which she will have to sedated. Her nurse is working on scheduling PICC line insertion also on Friday so we can get it done on the same day – I hope she succeeds and we don’t have to go before Friday.

There were many many marrow drives held last weekend – all over the US. The response was truly amazing and humbling. Thank you so much – all volunteers, friends and family for organizing the drives so quickly and effectively. And most of all thanks to all of you who came forward to register as potential donors – you are giving hope of life not just to Nirali but many patients like her. There are still many drives being organized, if you do want to register and haven’t had a chance yet, please check the upcoming drives section to find a suitable date and location.


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